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Our Process

Create Your Road Map for the Future

Everyone wants to achieve different goals, but few take the time to develop a plan to make it possible.  Financial Planning and Investment Management are often approached without an overall road map for the future.Our approach is to base our decision making on evidenced-based research and nearly a century of economic data. Our structured approach is considered one of the most prudent ways for affluent investors who seek to grow and preserve their wealth in all market conditions. We follow these steps with each of our clients to ensure we have a thorough understanding of individual goals and objectives which allows us to provide tailored and specific strategies. 

Introductory Meeting

During our Introductory Meeting the conversation is focused on determining if Personal Wealth Strategies provides a fit with your goals and objectives. Here we determine what your objectives and direction are, where you would like to go. Its is equally important that we provide you with realistic solutions for your concerns and provide those on a timely basis, thereby offering true value for your time and money. 

Discovery Meeting

As we continue our journey, we move into the Discovery meeting. During this meeting we truly get to know you both financially and as a person. Here we determine what your true north is. Where do you want to go and what is important to you. Besides the hard numbers, we talk about your goals and dreams; what makes you unique. We want to establish a clear picture of your current reality, while understanding your preferred vision for the future.

Implementation Meeting

The next stop is our Implementation Meeting.  During this session we layout the map that will guide you to your destination.  We discuss the strategies that are recommended, being certain to explain all actions in everyday language.  All of your questions and concerns are addressed before a green light to move forward can be given.

Progress Meeting

The journey continues beyond the Implementation Meeting.  We provide Progress Meetings for all of our clients either in person or virtually, it is your choice.  During these meetings we will cover updates to your personal, professional and financial life.  All of your financial progress reports are updated for your review, and we benchmark your current status against your goals.  All questions are answered so that you continue to understand the strategies being used to achieve your goals.

Start your Journey

Identify your destination and set your direction. 

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