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April 01, 2020

The investment markets have certainly been on a wild ride the past couple of weeks.  We appreciate the trust you have placed in Personal Wealth Strategies, and want to take this opportunity to make you aware of the steps we have taken to make sure we are always able to serve you.

It is important to know we have prepared extensively and have planned ahead for challenges like these.  Following Hurricane Sandy, we made sure Personal Wealth Strategies could function under a number of scenarios that could arise.  Now, when a situation occurs, such as the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are in the best position possible to calmly and confidently move forward doing the important work for our clients. 

Our investment in a robust technology platform and our partnerships with large, established providers allow us to work securely and collaboratively from any location.  All associates can access our phone system from anywhere they can receive cell phone service.  Account data is stored in an encrypted website that is cloud-based and can likewise be accessed anywhere we can get wi-fi or cell reception.

We will continue to hold all scheduled client meetings to keep you appraised of your progress toward your long-term goals.  As an extra precaution we will offer each client the option of holding their face to face meetings virtually.  For those that elect this option we will be utilizing Zoom Conference to conduct meetings.  Zoom gives you the choice of joining the meeting via video (if your computer has a camera) or if you are not comfortable using the video you may elect to meet without video.   We have successfully used this technology for years with clients who live too far from our office to travel for a meeting.

Most important, though, is that you and your family remain healthy and safe in this time of uncertainty.  Your wellbeing matters deeply to all of us.  Please let us know what we can do to support you in that endeavor. 

If you have any questions about our preparedness during this COVID-19 outbreak or regarding your investment or insurance accounts please contact our office at (609) 586-9308.  We will be there to answer all of your questions.