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09 Nov
Choosing the Right Providers of Extended Care with Nancy Dykeman


We have the opportunity to hear from Nancy, a Certified Senior Advisor and nationally recognized educator about the choices of where to receive extended care no matter where you live.

At the time of a diagnosis of a health condition that requires assistance by others, the “care chaos” begins. Until the mid-90s we thought of long-term care being only provided in a nursing home. Care was mostly delivered at home, but this preferred level of care was not officially recognized. Since then, there have been more levels of care made available to us.

Nancy has been a caregiver 5 times in her own family and is a former Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. She has watched families, including her own, be torn apart by caregiving issues; emotional, physical, and financial and she will help us understand the many choices we have to receive care. Turning “care chaos” into calmness is the goal. Caregiving is very difficult, and decisions must be made quickly to find the best solution where you or a loved one can be cared for. We will learn the differences in delivery of care and gain insight into how to have a conversation with our family members about what is available.

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Date and Time

Wed, Nov 09, 2022

12:00p - 12:30p EST




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