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27 Nov
Family Love Letter Workshop I - November 27, 2023


The Family Love Letter workshops are offered to provide a system and skill set for organizing all of the important information loved ones need in the event of an incapacity or death.  Workshop I covers Sections I, II, and III- Advisors and Assets, Financial Information including, but not limited to bank accounts, investments and insurances.

Many people will have information scattered throughout their home, basement, attic, garage, storage facility, and even office. Imagine what your loved ones would go through not knowing where to look or even what to look for.

In addition, as you go through the workshop process, you will uncover areas that, if left unattended, would create major problems; beneficiaries may not be correct or need updating, assets not titled properly, wills, trust and Powers of Attorney are outdated to name a few.  

Our hope is that by attending these workshops we are helping you create a beautiful legacy while assisting your loved ones as they celebrate you and the life you have lived. 

Workshop I will be offered at 6 PM on November 27th and January 2nd.  Workshop II will be offered at 6 PM on November 30th and January 3rd.  All workshops are virtual.

 Please let Nancy Bailin know if you need a Family Love Letter Booklet.

Date and Time

Mon, Nov 27, 2023

6:00p - 7:30p EST




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