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06 July
Integrity Based Human Influence with Sean Callagy



On this webinar we will be talking about the super power of influence, led by one of the world's greatest trainers on the subject Sean Callagy. Sean has spent the last 25 years thinking about why individuals do not have all the money, time, or magic that they want. Sean was $100,000 in debt at age 27 and was able to build and sell his first law firm at age 31 after building it with 40 team members for multiple seven figures. He then decided to do it again and is currently the sole equity owner of a 150 person law firm called Callagy Law.

While this alone is impressive, Sean doesn’t stop there. This man surfs, skis, travels all over the world speaking for organizations such as the Walt Disney Company, Salesforce, and T-Mobile. He recently traveled to Poland and Ukraine to help with war relief efforts. By the way, did we mention he is legally blind?!

His entire body of work is called integrity based human influence and we will be spending 30 minutes together breaking down the mastery formula on how to rise in your influence so that you can lead others successfully. See you there!

Date and Time

Wed, Jul 06, 2022

12:00p - 12:30p EST




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