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07 Sept
Sustainable Investing with Larry Swedroe and Samuel Adams


Sustainable investing is booming. The investment industry is fast approaching a point where one-third of global assets under management are invested with a sustainable objective.

But do sustainable investment products do what investors expect them to do?
How can an investor tell if their investments are having the social impact they want?
Does that impact come at a financial cost?
And how can investors weave their way through the web of confusing acronyms, conflicting agency ratings, and the mass of fund offerings, confident that they can recognize and avoid corporate greenwashing?

Larry Swedroe and Sam Adams cut through the fog and bring clarity on all of this and more―providing investors with a firm plan for truly sustainable investing.

They will first reveal who is currently investing sustainably and why and then move on to a review of the academic research. What does the data really say about risk and return in sustainable investing? What performance can you genuinely expect from sustainable investments? And how are today’s sustainable investors using their influence to drive positive changes for society and the environment?

Date and Time

Wed, Sep 07, 2022

12:00p - 12:30p EST




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